For cleaning carpets, you can’t beat hot water extraction

Wondering whether you heard wrong? No! as told the best method for cleaning your carpets for good can only be done by a hot water extraction. If you have never heard of the term ‘hot water extraction’ then let me tell you they are also referred to as steam cleaning. That term rings a bell I guess…

Well steam cleaning is best preferred by all major carpet manufacturers to maintain and prolong the life of your carpet. In addition to removing the dirt and grime, steam cleaning also removes ticks, mites and germs to keep your carpets clean and irritant free.

What steam cleaning really does work is that, it propels hot water mixed with cleaning agents into your carpets at high pressure to loosen up the dirt and then with the same high pressure removes the hot water along with the dirt and grime to leave a clean and dry carpet behind. When shopping for steam cleaners you must know that there are different types of cleaners to choose from. Portable household units and they can be rented at grocery and hardware stores. Though portable household units are cheaper and give you a decent clean. Truck mounted units are more efficient than portable household units as they have more pressure and can clean deeper than any other systems. The vacuum systems of truck mounted units are superior to any other systems thus making them in aid in better cleaning of the carpets.

Regular hot water extraction of carpets annually extends your carpet life, while daily beating and cleaning of your carpet removes dirt, spills and pest infestations for a clean carpet.


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