Wallpapers Vs Paint

There are many advantages when it comes to wallpaper vs paint. Firstly, the amount of money spend on wallpapering is lower than paint when it comes to breaking down the average cost per year based on the lifespan of wallpapers and paint. Paint tends to get dirty easily shortly over time and this makes you having to repaint the whole section of areas again instead of just repainting that particular section. Paint is unable to do so because there will be different patches of color tone after repainting.

wallpaper specialist in singapore
wallpaper specialist in singapore

Whereas for wallpapers, the lifespan in Singapore is averagely 7 or 8 years. Not only does it easily transform your homes into the ideal concept or mood you wish to portray, it is also less easily dirty. Furthermore in today’s technology, wallpaper quality has been upgraded to Vinyl quality and is Cleanable. In wallpaper’s term – “Cleanable” refers to cleaning the wallpaper surface using damp cloth or damp soft sponge and gently wipe only on the affected areas that is needed for cleaning.

Other than this, you basically don’t need maintenance guide on how to maintain wallpapers in the long run. Some of the wallpaper ranges that we carry have quality aspects and good functions that fits ideally for specific needs. These qualities and functions are Fire Retardant, Anti-fouling, Moisture-proof, less scratch-resistance, environmental-friendly and many more.

By having these in mind, when comparing between paint and wallpaper, the many good pointers of wallpaper gain its advantages and plus points for it. That’s the reason why wallpapers have been gaining popularity and higher demand in market now. Lastly, if cost is a concern for home owners, thinking that wallpapering is going to cost a bomb. Now we have something to get excited about! On average for doing up a wall of wallpaper, it only cost you $200odd inclusive of installation fee! On top of this, we have over 30,000 of designs for customers to choose and makes it cost effective and value for money.

If you have no clues or unsure on how to match the designs for your house or office, you need not have to worry as our specialists are verse in design sense and friendly. You can consult us for more ideas and suggestions and we will go the extra mile to meet your expectation.

Browse our website for 30,000 of designs wallpapers collection in singapore at wallux.com.sg


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