Vinyl Floor Covering and Wall Covering: To Protect and Serve

In recent years’ vinyl has become an increasingly popular choice for flooring. Vinyl flooring consists of a core of vinyl over a backing of felt or fiberglass layer. The top wear layer usually about 10 mils thick determines its durability making it tough, scratch resistant, dent and tear proof and stain proof. Vinyl covering is highly impervious to water making it the perfect material to cover your bathroom and kitchen spaces. Their cheap installation costs are more than comfortable as it does not get cold during winters. The floors covered with vinyl are stain and spill proof and also easy to clean and maintain. Vinyl floorings and covering serves you for decades as they are durable and strong. Their coating is tough and cannot be easily worn off.


Vinyl floorings further more comes with excellent designs and various prints that adds to the value and aesthetics of your house. The floorings are back felted with foams and felt that make it soft and comfortable to move about on. Once installed you can just relax it requires low maintenance, all you have to do is make sure the dirt and grimes are removed regularly by sweeping and mopping. A properly maintained floor lasts up to 20 years. When choosing vinyl covering the quality of the material also plays its role. The more premium and good the quality the longer it’ll last and protect your house from staining and dents. Usage of vinyl tiles has its own advantage; it can be changed easily when damaged when compared to vinyl sheets. With its increasing uses in housing industry, vinyl floorings and wall coverings are the best choice to protect you house and keep it free from damage and stains for many years.



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